ผศ.ดร.เอกชัย อภิศักดิ์กุล


D.B.A., Nova Southeastern University, USA
M.Ed., Kasetsart University, Thailand
M.B.A., Sripatum University, Thailand
B.B.A., Sukothaitummatiraj University, Thailand
B.Eng., Chiangmai University, Thailand



Work Experience
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
            Dean of School of Business                                               2009-Present
            Dean of Graduate School                                                   2006-2009
            Director of M.B.A. Program                                                2001-2006
            Professor in International Business                                  1999-2001

            Kay Thai Co., Ltd.                                                                           
            Civil Engineer                                                                       1991-1993


Research Experience

1.Research in Business Code of Ethics                                       2001-2008
            Thai Chamber of Commerce
2.Research in Career Advancement                                             2004-2008
of Alumni among Thai University
            University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
3.Research in Relation of Business Ethics and
Organization Culture
            University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
4.Research in Relation of Organization
Citizenship Behavior and Job Satisfaction
            University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
5.Competitive Advantage of Thai Banks
            University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
6.Customer Satisfaction Survey                                                    2007, 2010
            Betago Group Plc.

7.Customer Satisfaction Survey                                                    2008, 2010
            Siam Cement Group Plc.
8. Re-modernize Organizational Structure                                  2009
            The Krungthep Thanakom Co., Ltd.
9. Re-modernize Organizational Structure                                  2009-2010
          Department of Business Development (Ministry of Commerce)
10.Study of Good Governance in Thai Private University         2009-2010
            Knowledge Network Institute of Thailand
11. Corporate Governance Award by NACC                               2010-2011
            Thai Chamber of Commerce and Office of
             the National Anti-Corruption Commission
12. Anti-Corruption Working Group                                              2010-2011
            Thai Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Chambers of Commerce in Thailand
13. Happy SMEs Project (Phase 1)                                              2011-Present
            Thai Health Promotion Foundation


Other Experience

Zoxi Battery Co., Ltd.                                                                      2000
            A Study in Mode of Entry to Thailand
Frank Jewelry Co., Ltd.                                                                   2001
            Business Feasibility Study
Agriworld Co., Ltd.                                                                           2002-2003
Diamond Roofing Tiles Plc.                                                            2004
            Metal Sheet Business Feasibility Study
            Light-Weight Concrete: New Product Feasibility Study
            Institute of Small and Medium Enterprises Development        
Good Corporate Government Committee                                    2007
            Thai Chamber of Commerce
Board of Committee, Business Code of Ethics                           2007-Present
            Board of Committee,
Social Responsibility Affairs                                                          2007-Present
            Thai Polycon Co., Ltd         
Consult                                                                                              2008
            Family Business
Consult                                                                                              2008-Present